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Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine


Date listed: 7/6/2020

JURA is redefining the concept of automatic speciality coffee machines with the GIGA 6.This professional machine for household use is brimming with the latest technologyfor outstanding results. Made of top-quality materials and with Swiss precision, theGIGA 6s clear design features radiate power and expertise. The impressive quality ofthe iconic new automatic coffee machine is emphasised by the solid front section madeof 3 mm-thick aluminium and the weighty aroma preservation cover made of chrome plated, die-cast zinc. Operating this masterpiece of Swiss engineering is completelyintuitive thanks to the touchscreen display and the Blue Crystal Rotary Switch, and theicing on the cake is that coffee lovers can choose from 28 different specialities. 5-starhandling on a whole new level is made possible by artificial intelligence and the ingenious design, which has been carefully considered right down to the last detail.

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