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Jet-USA 2500PSI High Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle


Date listed: 19/4/2016

The ultimate accessory for any pressure washer. The JetUSA Turbo Heads are a must have, anybody that's used one before will back that up!

They work by spraying a tight high pressure jet of water in a circular motion extremely fast, giving the impression of a massive increase in your pressure washers output, this is not the case in so many words, but more so the resulting cleaning power is the equivalent of adding 1000-2500PSI in cleaning might!

Constructed of solid brass with a hard wearing ceramic core and interchangeable 1/4" BSP quick connect, they are without a doubt the best thing since sliced bread! Grab one today and get the job done-FAST!

Make no mistake, JetUSA are the online industry leaders with unparalleled quality comparable to that of turbo heads retailing for more than $100 - a bold statement backed up by an extensive 1 Year Warranty!

BUY NOW and save stacks off retail for this top spec turbo head.

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