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PLANTCRAFT Cultivator Tiller 65CC Petrol Rotary Hoe Garden 6 Tine Rototiller


Date listed: 19/4/2016

With a 65cc motor churning away at 10,000RPM, the PlantCraft BT-677 Hand-Held Cultivator Tiller will have you firing on all cylinders. Lightweight at only 16kg and compact, it is as easy to handle as it is to store. This is one tool that will literally make the earth move for any passionate gardener. With 36 teeth in hardened steel, it will till an extra-wide 400mm swath in a garden bed even with some compact soil, and since the depth is adjustable up to 150mm, you can get just the right seedbed for any favourite crop.

Your PlantCraft's ergonomic grips make it a breeze to operate, and a hand throttle and quick-release levers ensure that you're always in full control whilst in the field. And once you're done, its fold-up construction will fit in nicely with the other tools even in a very small shed.

So, turn backbreaking work into a ground-breaking stroll. Order your PlantCraft BT-677 Hand-Held Cultivator Tiller today!

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