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ESPA Modern Alchemy Experience


Date listed: 3/10/2020

Sacred rituals and ancient wisdom, reimagined for modern day souls. A deeply sensorial body-care collection exploring healing rituals and transformative textures. Realign the delicate balance between skin, body and mind, a luxury to cherish in today’s modern world. Inspired by the ancient rituals from Chinese Medicine practises, the Modern Alchemy collection aims to encourage relaxation by guiding the mind to a place of calm. The Set Contains: The Cleansing Milk (100ml) Piquing the senses with a tingling aromatic blend of Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Vetiver, the collection’s Body Cleansing Milk uplifts your daily self-care regime with its soothing aromatherapy. The luxurious cream to oil formulation transforms into a rich milk that cocoons skin, melting away impurities from your skin’s surface. Unleashing a flurry of precious essential oils, the gentle cleanser gorges skin with nutrients from botanical actives including Opuntia Cactus, traditionally used by Native Americans for its moisturising properties. Shikakai, a natural ingredient rich in saponins (soap), helps to balance skin’s Ph, while Turmeric Butter, an organic butter blend used in Ayurvedic medicine provides antioxidants. An uplifting body wash that tantalises the senses, the Body Cleansing Milk leaves your entire body feeling satin soft, purified and nourished. The Hydrating Milk (100ml) With a lightweight, delicate texture, the milk leaves skin covered with a sumptuous, hydrating film, resulting in a soft, supple texture. Helping to balance your complexion, Sweet Basil shields against environmental aggressors, particularly those present in an urban landscape, such as pollution. This helps your skin to maintain its natural state and reduces the risk of stress and damage. Added Maca Root has its origins with Incan Warriors, as it was thought to energise their spirit before battle. Its role in the hydrating milk is to support elasticity and firmness for skin that looks and feels revitalised. Saw Palmetto has a soothing effect, calming your visage for a smoother, silkier appearance. With regular use, skin will have a more even tone with minimised imperfections* for a clearer, brighter surface. The Purifying Polish (55ml) This gentle exfoliating balm is designed to transport you on a sensory journey as it softly buffs away dead skin cells and impurities from the surface, leaving the body smooth and silky to the touch. Volcanic Lava Spheres, created from naturally occurring igneous rock, are mild spherical beads ideal for buffing away dead skin cells without damaging the surface. Mineral-rich Opuntia Cactus provides a nourishing burst of hydration to thirsty skin, enhancing a supple and healthy-looking appearance. Nutgrass, an Ayurvedic herb sourced from India, soothes, calms and brightens. This holistic body exfoliator moisturises as it combats rougher areas of the skin, encouraging thoroughly polished and glowing results. The Anointing Oil (50ml) The Anointing Bath and Body Oil features a precious formula, blending pure, potent plant oils of grounding Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Vetiver to help care for the skin, body and mind. Add to a bath to create a self-care ritual, inspiring holistic rejuvenation, or incorporate into your micro-meditation rituals. Poured under warm running water, the oil releases its sensual aroma, turning your bathroom into a mini spa. Your skin will be left feeling silky soft, nourished and anointed with luxurious oils. Your skin will be left feeling supple, thanks to Amazonian super fruit Andiroba Oil, which provides a plumping action and acts as a rich source of antioxidants. Hemp Seed Oil helps to reduce inflammation, offering further antioxidant benefits to help defend against the impact of environmental aggressors. Sesame Seed Oil is frequently used in Ayurvedic practices and massage, promoting a healthy body and mind. The Nourishing Balm (180ml) The replenishing texture of the balm encourages a sensual journey of self-care, allowing you to recharge and unwind after a hard day. The formula melts deliciously as it is warmed in your hands, creating a powerful veil of hydration that deeply nourishes and moisturises, leaving skin looking and feeling replenished. The body balm is enriched with Patchouli-derived Phytocannabinoids, which possesses properties that allow your skin to take on a glowing, lit-from-within illusion. Powerful Fireweed, renowned for blooming in ground that has been devastated by flames, quenches the thirst of tired, dry skin, leaving it looking and feeling stronger and healthier. The balm is finished with antioxidant-rich Amla, which works to restore the appearance of balance and radiance to your complexion, boosted by its high levels of Omega 9. The Grounding Crystals (55g) This soothing salt soak infuses the bathwater with its vital minerals, cloaking the body in purity. Crafted from Pink Himalayan Salt, the crystals are of the utmost clarity, naturally occurring and free from pollution. Packed with mineral richness, bathing in these salt can encourage a sense of calm and inspire relaxation. Enriched with Epsom Salt, famous for its healing properties, the crystals can detoxify your surroundings while cleansing the skin of any dirt or impurities. Finally, Amber Extract is included to energise the body, uplifting the spirit with its powerful aroma while offering relief to aching muscles. Filling the room with the fragrant blend of Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Vetiver, the salts grace the skin with a relaxing scent.

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