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ESPA Muscle Repair Ritual


Date listed: 3/10/2020

Discover ESPA’s most nourishing body products, creating the perfect ritual to relieve and invigorate active bodies. Revive and restore the body to help release tension through massage and experience the sense of total body relaxation. Includes: Muscle Rescue Balm (30g) An invigorating balm, ideal for hard working and tired muscles. Enlivening Eucalyptus and Refreshing Peppermint combined with warming Clove Bud help to recharge and restore body and mind. Fitness Bath & Body Oil (50ml) A deeply nourishing body oil that helps restore hard working bodies. The invigorating aroma of Eucalyptus, warming Clove Bud and soothing Lavender helps to recharge and restore body and mind while Sweet Almond Oil nourishes for beautifully soft, supple feeling skin. Fitness Shower Oil (250ml) A nourishing creamy shower oil to cleanse the body and revitalise the mind. The restorative aroma of Clove Bud oils and Eucalyptus is perfect for a post-work out reviver, while deeply nourishing Coconut Oil leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

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