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Peckish Breeder Softbill Blend - Egg & Mealworm 500gm


Date listed: 3/12/2020

PECKISH BREEDER SOFTBILL BLEND - EGG & MEALWORM 500GMSmall softbills such as finches and canaries need a little extra support when breeding.With a delicious combination of egg and mealworm for calcium and protein, which improves egg formation, promotes healthy reproduction and benefits the overall health of the chick, the Peckish Breeder Softbill Blend is perfect for little birdy bodies. Peckish Breed Softbill Blend offers your breeding softbills the taste they'll love and the nutritionally balanced diet they need. Ingredients: Wheat, Corn, Soybeal Meal, Dextrose, Rice Flour, Egg Powder, Dried Mealworm Flour, Vegetable Oil, Water, Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Blueberry Flavour Powder

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