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Trouble And Trix Cat Pan Liners Regular 20 Pack


Date listed: 24/3/2014

Trouble and Trix Cat Litter Tray Liners, Regular, 20 per packSize: Regular liners fits trays with the dimensions - 43cm L x 35cm W.When it comes to keeping your litter tray clean, you can't go past Trouble and Trix's cat litter tray liners. These easy to use liners go inside your cat's litter pan and keep the contents together.They protect the pan from becoming soiled and make clean up quick and simple. To use, unfold one liner and place in the base of the litter tray. You then turn the edges of the litter bag over the corners of the tray and place the litter of your choice on top of the liner. Then when the times comes to dispose of the litter, all you have to do is unfold the edges and the waste is conveniently bagged up.More hygienic and keeps the base of the litter pan free from waste bacteria.Each pack contains 15 litter liners for long term use.Also available in Large size for litter trays 50cm L x 37cm W

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