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Bravecto Plus For Small Cats 2 X 1 Pack


Date listed: 1/10/2020

Bravecto Plus For Small Cats 2 X 1 Pack Pet: Cat Category: Cat Supplies Size: 0.2kg
Rich Description: Bravecto Plus is a topical treatment that when given every 2 months protects your cat from fleas deadly paralysis ticks heartworm intestinal worms and ear mites.

Treats and prevents flea
Ctenocephalides felis
infestations for up to 3 months

Treats and controls paralysis ticks
Ixodes holocyclus
for up to 10 weeks

Suitable for use in controlling flea allergy dermatitis

When administered repeatedly at 2 monthly intervals the product continuously prevents heartworm disease caused by
Dirofilaria immitis

Treats and controls roundworm immature adults L5 and adults of
Toxocara cati
and adults of
Toxascaris leonine
and hookworm 4th stage larvae L4 immature adults L5 and adults of
Ancylostoma tubaeforme
and adults of
Uncinaria stenocephala

Treats and controls ear mites
Otodectes cynotis

Each pack contains 1 treatment

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