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Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus Paste 70g


Date listed: 10/3/2016

Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus Paste, 70gIdeal for eliminating and preventing hairballs, this paste from Hartz is easy to use and has an appealing taste. Hairballs interfere with your cat's normal digestion and toileting. The end result of this can be a nasty chunk of regurgitated hair left on your living room rug.Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus helps hairballs to pass safely through the gastrointestinal tract and through regular use prevents the formation of hairballs.Salmon flavour paste is applied to your cat's normal food.Includes Omega 3 & 6 oils and Vitamin E to nourish skin and fur.Eliminates and prevents hairballs in cats and eases the unwanted symptoms.

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