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Natures Miracle Litter Box Odour Destroyer 709ml


Date listed: 2/10/2015

NATURES MIRACLE LITTER BOX ODOUR DESTROYER 709MLNature's Miracle is the solution to eliminating airborne and surface pet odours. Sometimes because we are used to our surroundings, we forget that pet smells stay in the air. They can linger for a long time and when guests come and visit, it will be the first thing they notice - even when you can't detect it yourself.Thanks to Nature's Miracle Litter Box Odour Destroyer, you can kill odours easily. Spray some over the litter box and experience the difference. This particular Odour Destroyer is unscented, so it won't interfere with other aromas such as candles or incense. It works quickly to neutralize odours and the process works best when the spray is left to dry naturally. Do not allow pets to use the neutralized area until the spray has completely dried. Made in the USA.Important:Always test surfaces before completely treating them with Nature's Miracle. If you notice colour fade from the test area, do not use the spray on this material. It is not recommended for use on silk, leather or suede.

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