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Pakeway Cat Tunnel Toy With Tickling Scratch Each


Date listed: 27/11/2020

Pakeway Cat Tunnel Toy With Tickling Scratch Each Pet: Cat Category: Cat Supplies Size: 2.8kg
Rich Description: This versatile toy from Pakeaway is sure to keep your cat entertained for hours! It features an outer roller circuit for batting balls helping to tap into your cats chasing and hunting instincts. The two brightly coloured balls are stuffed with catnip for added excitement. The circular pad in the centre can be flipped to provide a luxurious facial massage with rubber fingers OR a thick scratching surface.

Fourinone interactive cat toy circuit catnip ball facial massage and scratcher!
Taps into your cats natural instincts to chase and pounce
Rubber fingers provide the ultimate facial massage
Sturdy corrugated cardboard for scratching

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