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Trouble And Trix No More Litter Odour 750ml


Date listed: 17/7/2015

TROUBLE AND TRIX NO MORE LITTER ODOUR 750MLSmelly cat, smelly cat. What are they feeding you? If your cat has created a monster odour, it might be time to call in some help. Trouble and Trix heard your cry for help and have made the No More Litter Box Odour Spray. The spray works effectively to eliminate odours in the litter box and around the house. Easy to use, the formula can be applied in pet beds, litter boxes, cages, carpets, cars - even on the couch! Do not use on leather or silk and avoid spraying on skin or eyes. (Even if they smell too.) Simply spray on the affected area directly and you'll notice the difference immediately. Wipe off excess with a dry cloth. No More Litter Odour Spray can be used like a room spray and can be spritzed liberally around the house. It is always a good idea to test small portions of surfaces with new sprays before applying them completely to the affected area. Made in Australia. This product is safe to use around pets and children, if used as directed.

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