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Kazoo Shipwreck W/sails - Medium


Date listed: 25/7/2020

KAZOO SHIPWRECK W/SAILS - MEDIUM'The ship lay at the bottom of the ocean, split in two by the crushing weight of the sea, and the cannonball that had sent it down to the depths in the first place. Sea sponges and all manner of marine life had long since claimed the sunken vessel. You watch the crabs scuttling along the forgotten decks, and fish zipping in and out of the many holes that marred the ship's rotting hull...'This vessel may not be quite up to sailing the seven seas, but the shipwreck fish tank ornament from Kazoo will make an excellent place for your fish to hide and explore. Made of non-toxic material, the Kazoo shipwreck aquarium ornament is the perfect way to add a bit of mystery to your fish tank. 

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