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Tetra Bettamin Tropical Medley 23gm


Date listed: 24/3/2014

TETRA BETTAMIN TROPICAL MEDLEY 23GMFor a naturally balanced, colour enhancing food, look no further than Tetra Bettamin Tropical Medley. Designed specifically for Siamese fighting fish or Betta Splendens, this mix of food will help them achieve optimal health. Consisting of small, thin red flakes, this food is made with freeze dried brine shrimp and nutritionally balanced for the best results. Blended with patented ProCare, your fish will be able to maintain their healthy well being as the food is not only palatable, it's made for complete acceptance and intake. For a specialized food that will help your Betta fish reach their prime, Tetra Bettamin will do the job.

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