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Revolution Dog Red 3 Pack


Date listed: 7/12/2017

Revolution Dog Red 3 Pack Pet: Dog Category: Dog Supplies Size: 0.1kg
Rich Description: Revolution is a safe monthly spoton treatment that protects your dog from fleas heartworm and other parasites.

Kills adult
along with eggs and larvae in the environment

Treats controls and prevents flea infestations in dogs

disease caused by
Dirofilaria immitus

Treats and controls
ear mites

Otodectes cyanotis

Treats and controls sarcoptic mange
Sarcoptes scabei

biting lice

Trichodectes canis
sucking lice

Linognathus setosus

Each pack of Revolution includes
Canex Allwormer
to treat your dog for
intestinal worms and tapeworms

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