23 November - 22 December

You're particularly emotional today and this is an adverse impact upon your health. If this is especially true if you allow others in your workplace to get the better of you. You need to keep calm, take a few deep breaths. Realise that what's said, especially in the heat of the moment, may not be anything other than the other person's reaction. Their issues are coming to the surface, projecting on you. A new dietary regime is likely and you'll appreciate the simple things today.


23 December - 20 January

That pep talk you think is going to revolutionise someone's viewpoint is a waste of time. It'll leave you completely frustrated. You may need to abandon a prediction or forecast for yourself in the light of new information that you have. There's no shame in adjusting your actions. Balance your desire for expensive items and frugality. You'll find a happy balance at some point. If you are disappointed with someone today it could be that they are feeling the same way. Try standing in the other person's shoes at present.


21 January - 19 February

Carelessness and neglect are the main problems now. Being tense and angry within your domestic environment isn't helping. Relax a little and allow your creative juices to flow. Small sacrifices can help you to obtain specific goals. Try to make it a more seductive presentation at work today. Getting to the bottom of a problem today requires silence, not words. If you can sit still, the unconscious mind will reveal a lot more than you anticipate. There may be a profitable short trip that can help your work or your business.


20 February - 20 March

You feel like making exciting plans with friends because your imagination is now in overdrive due to the influence of the on your general expression and creative work output. Enjoy these creative bursts of intellectual energy while they last. You'll be participating in some interesting conversations today which revolve around demonstrative sharing. Love is neither not an 'either' or' scenario but a careful balancing act. If you are too complacent you may not be able to extract the best response from your partner.


21 March - 20 April

This is a good time to work on your inner self. Assess the value of things, more from an inner perspective than from outer appearances. You'll find the right balance in time. A constructive attitude will help you achieve a great deal today. Don't be distracted by people who are flippant and less focused. You feel as if you are multiple personalities doing numerous things attempting to complete tasks. Sketch it out first before embarking on the journey. Balance work, money and health.


21 April - 21 May

Wealth is of two sorts - one material, the other spiritual. At this time you have the opportunity to enjoy the wealth of both types. An imbalance will occur if you primarily focus on cash and the wealth of 'things'. There can be a rather nebulous circumstance around your finances and this is due to your being emotional rather than rational in solving these problems. It's important to look deeper within yourself to discover how your thoughts and attitude is at the heart of your financial status.


22 May - 21 June

You'll struggle with an unexpected decision concerning the family. How you show love to those you care about may not be especially appreciated or noticed today. You'll be torn between two or more friends and may even need to decide which ones to discard. Your spiritual evolution is quickening yet others aren't keeping up with you. You can be attached to your home but maybe it's time to consider your options. Your emotions seem like a rollercoaster ride today as figure out someone's intentions.


22 June - 23 July

If you have technical expertise in some area, you'll find that you can work in with greater freedom of expression now. Rather than follow the rules and procedures, as usual, you introduce a greater variety of style and originality to your work. Mix and share your gifts. Anticipate an enquiry from someone demanding more than you're prepared to give. Reflect the same measure of scrutiny to them. Because you've done so well, you may be able to share this success with others who are less fortunate.


24 July - 23 August

If chaos has been the order of the day, you can change that now. To do so, you have to dive into the eye of the storm and identify the source of people who may be at the heart of the problem. This means weeding out individuals and circumstances that no longer serve any purpose in your life. To do this, you must push your mind to the limits. You need the support of family to get behind you as a cohesive unit. Don't allow intellectual bias to cloud your judgement over this.


24 August - 23 September

Your brain may be switched off through lack of sleep or overwork. Overreacting to accusations will give result in a sense of dissatisfaction and this could be expressed in your dreams at night where unresolved conflicts are playing on your mind and subconscious. You won't want to hear what's said now even though it may be technically correct. You're more intuitive so this is a positive time to present your concepts to others. You may clearly understand other people's motivations and can subtly influence them.


24 September - 23 October

You are focused on your goals now and finances, in particular, will reflect that level of focus. You may not even have to work too hard to realise you've done something right and if that's the case, why do it differently' There may be some fears associated with spending large sums of money but again, if those investments are good ones, the returns will be worth it. Create a situation in which you can get work done uninterrupted and at length. Patchy or ad-hoc work routines will undermine your efforts.


24 October - 22 November

This can be a time of high energy and activity. It is great to have some projects planned so that you can put this energy to good use. Your confidence and creativity may be high, but you should be careful as others may see you as arrogant. Your life feels secure and you feel good about yourself. You feel comfortable with your current situation, and you are emotionally stable, calm, and contented. Your judgment and discrimination are good, and you can make wise decisions and provide good advice to others.

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