20 February - 20 March

Some of the separation you feel from others is dissolved now. This is a period in which the heart overcomes the mind and brings you closer to others. You may, in the process, have to also sacrifice some of your independence for the sake of love, or a righteous cause. You need to clearly define professional relationships today. You needn't take the heat from those pressuring you to be different from who you are. Stick to your guns as a matter of principle. Pick up a new sport, as this transit imparts physical vitality.


21 March - 20 April

You may be looking at medical alternatives and different holistic practices. This will be to help sort out your physical and psychological wellbeing. Remain balanced, unbiased, in your research and make sure you're not dealing with charlatans. It will be difficult not to adopt a judgmental attitude with someone who's not performing at their best. Let your actions speak louder than words and set the example. You've been feeling stifled and want some freedom and movement right now.


21 April - 21 May

During this current cycle, you might meet someone who is rather eccentric, but nice. Don't be too quickly drawn in by their charismatic appeal. You can, however, learn from their individuality. You have to politely insist that others pull their weight today. You've been playing the victim long enough. Doing other people's work for them is not exactly going to empower them to take responsibility for their actions. Today, opt for a more adaptable and light-hearted approach to your tasks.


22 May - 21 June

There's a kind of unpredictable and erratic energy in your environment today. This is not necessarily something you are projecting. But there is an upside to this. You may suddenly know what others are about to say. This means your intuition is firing on all eight cylinders. Avoid interrupting others too quickly though, as not all your flashes may be genuine insights. You will find that your activities and success won't be blocked today. Your path is clear, so get as much done as you can, while you have the opportunity.


22 June - 23 July

Your thinking may be slow and fuzzy around the edges. You mustn't cut corners to arrive at any decision. It will be more work wading through paperwork, but worth the effort. The day favours any sort of resolution of financial affairs. If you're looking for a new job or financial opening, your words have maximum impact. The results should be positive. You have to be discreet while discussing sensitive issues with someone today. They may be touchy, making it awkward for you to say exactly what's on your mind.


24 July - 23 August

You have a real shot at success now. This depends on your ability to forego any retaliation towards others who've stood in your way. Real or imagined you can't afford to distract yourself from your goals with petty disputes. Underlying the change that occurs is a need to break free from ingrained patterns. You want excitement and change rather than routine living. Relationship patterns, having fallen into a comfortable niche, aren't enough to satisfy you. If you are not aware of the need for change, it will happen anyway.


24 August - 23 September

Your optimism is high, but you're also inclined to be idealistic. You are quick to pounce on new opportunities. Unfortunately, some of these may be short-lived. Underestimating the time and effort required to implement your plans has financial repercussions. Think things through more carefully before hitching yourself to someone and their harebrained schemes. There's is, however, an opportunity to do something you've been dreaming of for a while. This should be on your terms only.


24 September - 23 October

Issues of responsibility arise, so you'll be working hard to advance your reputation. You demonstrate extreme self-discipline and organisational ability at this time. Asserting yourself, having your say, will reflect your potential brilliance in what you do. In the process, you also finally reach a compromise with a partner or friend. With new relationships or job opportunities, don't be surprised if they are temporary. This will be seen to be a blessing in the end, however. Draw the line in relationships.


24 October - 22 November

Moments of romance and nostalgia are the sorts of mental landscapes that may be created by you to get through the day or two. It's your way of getting on top of your deadlines and dramas. Are you avoiding what has to be confronted' Those problems may not be quite as severe as you think. Save the creative visualisations for out of work time. Trivial errors compound into more complex issues if you're not 100' focused. You may have thought something to be lost only to find it again.


23 November - 22 December

You're at a high level of alertness at this point. You may even be nervous or high-strung. Notwithstanding this, you can show others the way now. Although there may be numerous details to take care of, you're still happy to take time out to help others. An opportunity to collaborate and share your creative concepts with others may arise. You're also particularly keen to eliminate old, broken and outdated ornaments, that are simply collecting dust on your shelf. It's time for a spring cleaning of sorts.


23 December - 20 January

You capture the interests of others today, so there's no need to ingratiate yourself. It won't take much to gain a commitment from them. Half-hearted discussions, nonetheless, without any call to action, are a waste of time. Anchor down what you expect from everyone involved. There may be connections with hospitals, shelters, or those who are in need. You might act as an assistant for someone. You need more sleep as you'll be functioning in 'low batt mode. Errors of judgment occur if you're not rested.


21 January - 19 February

Finances are high on your lst of priorities today. You are overemotional about money. You must better manage and monitor your spending. Have a plan for your retirement and security. Something may be amiss in areas of your life because you've opted to ignore 'polishing the rough edges of your plan. Seek out people who can help you with this. You might overdose on the company of a friend. Remember, 'familiarity breeds contempt. Also, jealousy, envy and anger erode good relationships.

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