12-year-old’s absurd shot goes viral


MOVE over Steph Curry, this 12-year-old girl has you covered.

Myli Harpold took the internet by storm when she launched a better Hail Mary than anything Aaron Rodgers could come up with and pulled off a shot even Curry has never hit before.

Harpold, playing for Johnson middle school, dribbled the ball up the court when she was trapped with a hard double team against the sideline.

With her back to the basket and the clock running down, Harpold dug into the back of tricks and unleashed an overhead heave.

The ball sailed over the outstretched hands of the defenders before hitting nothing but the bottom of the net.

Naturally the reaction to hitting such an absurd shot led to pandemonium with her teammates on the bench.

The view of the shot from the far baseline and the top of the bleachers is even better and just highlights the sheer insanity of the shot falling.

But this isn't the first time Harpold nailed a shot from way behind the three point line this week with the 12-year-old draining a halfcourt buzzer beater just days before.

Once again with time running out in the opening quarter, Harpold dribbled up the floor before launching into a halfcourt prayer that bounces off the backboard and drops into the net.

The reaction is the stuff of legends as Harpold simply turns and walks back to the bench almost as if nothing happened

Curry may well be the greatest shooter the NBA will ever see, but Harpold has stolen the limelight from him this week with two insane buzzer beaters.