AS 100,000 South Australian homes wait for their power to switch back on, authorities are warning the state's residents to brace for more chaos.

Extremely strong winds whipped up by a one-in-50-years storm destroyed 22 transmission towers, shutting off power to the entire state yesterday afternoon.

The state was also hammered by an estimated 80,000 lightning strikes, hail and rain.

Authorities have restored power to most of Adelaide and are working on getting the rest of South Australia back online.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned South Australians to expect more destruction as gale-force winds hitting up to 140kph slam into the state.

The South Australian storm heads towards Victoria.
The South Australian storm heads towards Victoria. BOM


  1. Severe weather warnings are in place for most of South Australia, with winds of 50kmh to 140kmh plus rain expected today.
  2. Authorities will be particularly concerned about Eyre Peninsula where destructive winds are likely to be the strongest.
  3. Adelaide Metro trains are operating but there are delays and there are delays at airports.
  4. Schools are open.
  5. Both the Vodafone and Optus telephone networks are out in some areas.

Heavy rain and flooding are also forecast and the BOM has warned the ocean swells get as high as 10 meters.

North Adelaide business owner Anthony Kent told the ABC the power cut meant he had to throw away some product.

"We were in the process of making a lot of stuff, and when the power goes off we lose our ovens so we had to throw what we had made away," Mr Kent said.

"We were relieved because we would've lost a lot if stock if the power had stayed off for a long time.

"One of our bakers went home but came back when the power was back."

There are no reports of deaths or injuries and the State Emergency Service confirms it has responded to hundreds of calls for help.

The SES is also preparing to take part in the clean-ups across the state.

The storm system is also expected to impact Victoria significantly as it moves into that state.