Routine check finds $15,000 cash, weed, ice and ecstasy

A CAR was stopped for a routine traffic check - but it was what the police found after a chance search which has made the headlines.

$15,000 of cash as well as cannabis, ice and ecstasy was found in the Biloela man's car as he was leaving Emerald on the Capricorn Hwy on Tuesday night.

The 33-year-old man was charged with a total of 21 charges - the most serious including trafficking dangerous drugs.

EMERALD police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Peter McFarlane said the bust was an exceptionally good result.

"The amount of cash seized is excessive, and to get this man to be accountable for his actions is a great result," Snr Sgt McFarlane said.

"To seize cannabis, ice and ecstasy and keep those off the streets is important.

"This came about as the result of a routine traffic stop, and is a good result for the community."

Snr Sgt McFarlane said the trafficker had ice in his possession, and to get that off the street was vital.

"Ice in particular is a growing concern for all of us and to have an arrest like this is a good result for the community," he said.

"Drugs are a serious problem not only in Central Queensland but in the state and nation as a whole.

"Arrests like this bring us one step closer to getting drugs off our streets and out of our communities.

"To see a result like this is exceptionally pleasing."