Em Rusciano and her husband Scott Barrow are having a third child together. Picture: Jim Lee
Em Rusciano and her husband Scott Barrow are having a third child together. Picture: Jim Lee

Em Rusciano’s awesome pregnancy announcement

RADIO host and comedian Em Rusciano has announced she is pregnant, just over a year after she experienced a miscarriage.

The 39-year-old shared the happy news with her social media followers on Sunday night, referencing Abigail Breslin's hilarious Superfreak dance sequence in the hit 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine.

"It's gonna take more than a superfreak strip routine and a Kombi van to get me out of this one," Rusciano joked.

"I'm totally pregnant and so happy my heart may burst in my chest at any moment." Although I'm not so much little miss sunshine as little miss teary, bloated, nauseous yet ravenously hungry," she wrote.

"Let me tell you it's a different ball game doing this at 39 to 21. It's a good thing that the stretch marks are in place and ready to go! #geriatricpregnancy #stretchypants #nippleslikefighterpilotsthumbs."

Rusciano and her husband Scott Barrow already have two children, Marchella, 16, and Odette, 11.


Last May, the 2Day FM radio host revealed she suffered a miscarriage and would "take some time off" from her work commitments to grieve her loss. Rusciano and Barrow named their unborn son Ray.

"About 10 weeks ago I got the most wondrous surprise. I found out I was pregnant," Rusciano wrote on Facebook at the time.

"I was going to announce it this Monday as we'd hit 13 weeks, but instead I will be at home in the most exquisite pain I can possibly fathom. Yesterday I found out that my little boy, was lost to me," she wrote.

"I'd only just seen my baby the week before on the ultrasound, kicking and waving. I'd heard his heart beat and began to imagine what type of person he'd become. What colour hair he'd have, I wondered if he'd be serious like his dad or ridiculous like his mother, or perhaps a little bit of both.

"But now, all I have is that one grainy black and white image, and the rest I will have to imagine. I'm not sure I'm built to withstand this kind of heartbreak, I'm not sure any mother is."

Em Rusciano with her husband and two teenage daughters.
Em Rusciano with her husband and two teenage daughters.

One in four pregnant women will experience a miscarriage, according to the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health. A miscarriage refers to the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks.

It's believed those rates could even be higher, because many women either don't realise they are pregnant or are ashamed and suffer in silence.

Rusciano said the loss was so great that she was unable to leave her bedroom and she took several weeks off work.

"A lot of you know exactly what I'm going through, this kind of loss isn't uncommon and yet it feels entirely unique to me. I think you are all heroic for continuing on, I've been in the same pair of pyjamas since yesterday, crying a seemingly endless supply of tears and can't imagine ever leaving my bedroom again," she said at the time.

"So I'm going to take some time off the radio, off performing, off social media, off life. Not for too long, but I need some time. I know you'll all understand.

"I was worried about the impact me being away from my radio show for a few weeks would have, we're only new and have so much to do, but I'd be useless on air. The truth is I don't feel very funny or entertaining at the moment, I feel like screaming and smashing things with a baseball bat Beyonce Lemonade style.

"What's happened with Ray feels big and raw and something I need to honour and be in the middle of. I'm not going to avoid it or lock it away and power on as if nothing has happened, which I'm prone to doing. I have to get this right so that I can somehow feel whole again, or a version of that. I know that this will forever change me in small and big ways."

Rusciano hosts Em, Grant and Ed on 2Day FM from 6am-9am weekdays.

Em Rusciano with her youngest daughter Odette.
Em Rusciano with her youngest daughter Odette.