30+ CQ businesses cash in on $4.2M in mining contracts

MORE than 30 Central Queensland businesses have cashed in on more than $4.2 million worth of contract work to prepare BMAs Goonyella Riverside Mine for autonomous haulage.

The businesses are supporting the preparatory work for the rollout at the mine and as a result, have had to upskill and employ several new staff.

With BMA planning to spend $8.2 million on the project, the work carried out so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

Goonyella Riverside general manager Sean Milfull said the rollout of autonomous haulage at the mine had been great for CQ businesses.

“Over 30 regional businesses have been engaged to support the rollout, with over $4.2 million spent to date,” Mr Milfull said.

“These local businesses have upskilled their staff, and in some cases have employed several new staff to support the works being completed at the mine ahead of the first trucks being operational from September this year.

“Autonomous haulage will help us further improve safety and productivity on site, and we are creating new roles and opportunities for the people of Central Queensland.”

One such businesses to benefit from the rollout is CPH Mining and Civil, base in Moranbah.

CPH has constructed the new ramp 25 calibration pad and access road for the mine.

CPH owner Colin Ritson said it had been fantastic supporting Goonyella as the mine prepares for autonomous trucks.

“CPH was contracted to construct the new ramp 25 calibration pad which is where the trucks will have their autonomy functionality tested,” he said.

“This project has been a great opportunity for the business and for our people.”

NB Industries, based in Mackay, has also cashed in on the project.

The firm is completing the fit-out of ancillary equipment for the rollout – a critical piece of work that enables BMAs equipment to be visible and communicate via the autonomous system.