See how Rocky region schools performed.
See how Rocky region schools performed.

5 year NAPLAN trends: How every Rocky area school performed

THESE are the Rockhampton schools that have improved their NAPLAN results the most in the past five years.

An analysis of five years' worth of NAPLAN results has revealed the schools that have improved their Year 5 and Year 9 student scores the most.

The Rockhampton school that improved their Year 5 results the most between 2015 and 2019 was Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, in Springsure, where the average results across all subjects improved by 11.7 per cent.

Average Year 9 results at Lighthouse Christian School, in Norman Gardens, increased by 5.8 per cent, the biggest improvement in Rockhampton.

The analysis compared each school's combined results for each NAPLAN subject in 2015 and compared to the same results in 2019.

Rockhampton's second biggest improvement in Year 5 results over those five years was Byfield State School, in Byfield, where scores increased 9.7 per cent.

The third biggest Year 5 improver was St Brigid's Catholic Primary School, in Emerald, where results increased 8.9 per cent over the five-year period.

The Rockhampton school with the second biggest Year 9 improvement between 2015 and 2019 was St Brendan's College, in Yeppoon, where results improved 3.5 per cent.

Average results at Rockhampton State High School, in Wandal, increased 3.1 per cent, the third highest increase in Rockhampton.

Rockhampton's 10 Year 5 NAPLAN improvers over five years

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School: 11.7 per cent

Byfield State School: 9.7 per cent

St Brigid's Catholic Primary School: 8.9 per cent

Emerald North State School: 7.3 per cent

Woorabinda State School: 5.5 per cent

Emerald Christian College: 5.1 per cent

Lighthouse Christian School: 5.0 per cent

Rockhampton Girls' Grammar School: 4.6 per cent

St Peter's Catholic Primary School: 4.5 per cent

St Mary's Catholic Primary School: 4.2 per cent


Rockhampton's 10 Year 9 NAPLAN improvers over five years

Lighthouse Christian School: 5.8 per cent

St Brendan's College: 3.5 per cent

Rockhampton State High School: 3.1 per cent

Emerald State High School: 2.7 per cent

North Rockhampton State High School: 1.6 per cent

Marist College: 1.6 per cent

Emmaus College: 1.3 per cent

Taroom State School: 1.3 per cent

St Ursula's College: 0.7 per cent

The Cathedral College: 0.7 per cent