An image from the 1893 flood.
An image from the 1893 flood.

97 issues found as council prepares for 26m flood

IT HAS been more than a century since the region had a one-in-100-year flood, but Gympie Regional Council aims to be prepared - a good thing, too, with 97 issues found if we had a 26m flood.

The concerns were discovered with the help of exercise Noah, the first of which was held in December 2017 and involved all relevant agencies.

Issues that were found include: how our satellite and isolated communities would cope if cut off for three-to-five days; that the CBD areas that would be impacted are double what is planned for; and that Gympie's nursing homes and hospitals would be isolated.

"What planning have we got if we were ever to get the big one?" Mayor Mick Curran asked, pointing out the region was fortunate to have two or three days' notice before it flooded.

"We're potentially having roads that have never been cut before... whilst we know what 21.9m does, have we got the appropriate modelling maps to show what the big one will do and who it will inundate?"

Full findings from the exercise are not yet available, and community information sessions will be held later in the year.