Professional photo taken of Bailey - Eddie Seah
Professional photo taken of Bailey - Eddie Seah Eddie Seah

Model allegedly drugged while drinking with Justin Bieber

JUSTIN Bieber has been hit with a fresh scandal just a day after landing in Melbourne, with a local model alleging that she was "drugged" at the star's private party on Sunday night.

New Zealand-born Melbourne-based model Bailey Scarlett claimed her drink was spiked after downing a shot with the 21-year-old singer at a party at Ginger Recording Studios in Cremorne.

Bailey, 18, posted the allegations to her Facebook, claiming she was "requested" among a group of "hot girls and models" to hang out with the star.

She says she was introduced to Justin, drank a vodka lemonade and "did a shot with Justin" before having another drink.

The teen will now appear on Nine's A Current Affair in which she is vowing to give a "full story of exactly what took place at the pop star's secret party".