Getting caught didn't stop man from dealing drugs

POLICE nabbed a Mountain Creek man trafficking methylamphetamines, ecstasy and pot through telephone intercepts but that did not deter him from his trade.

Robert Michael Daldy, now 38, was released on bail after also being charged with possessing $20,000 cash, marijuana, LSD, methylamphetamines and a crossbow.

He was thrown behind bars less than a month later, however, when he was caught with more drugs, tainted property and cash at Mountain Creek and Mooloolaba.

Daldy secured supreme court bail 15 days later but was quick to set up a drug laboratory at Marcoola.

Police were greeted with a strong chemical odour and evidence of an explosion from a methylamphetamine cook when they executed another search warrant almost a month after the last.

Daldy has a history of violent behaviour, including thumping his neighbour with a rake while his mates filmed on a mobile phone and firing a sawn-off shotgun into the air during the incident.

He was on a four-month wholly suspended sentence for that offending which he breached with some of this new offending.

Daldy was sentenced to six years' jail after he pleaded guilty to 33 offences in Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday.

He has served 456 days behind bars and will become eligible to apply for parole on May 24 next year.

Defence barrister Steve Courtney said his client, who had a violent upbringing, had made significant attempts at rehabilitation.

He said the penny had dropped for Daldy, who has four children to two partners, and he had recognised the need to change.

The lead-up to sentence was Daldy's first stint in jail despite his five-page criminal history.

Crown prosecutor Gary Churchill told the court that Daldy was operating mostly at street level with 14 customers but there were some wholesale exchanges with a person police say was linked directly to the top of the Sunshine Coast drug syndicate.

He said police recorded 194 telephone intercepts between the men.

Mr Churchill said 75 of those were drug related and that Daldy met up with that man, who had at least 38 customers, at least 22 times

He said there were text messages discussing eight-balls, which is 3.5g of methylamphetamines or one eighth of an ounce.


April 24, 2012, search:

Mountain Creek -

  • 0.543g pure methylamphetamines packaged in no-pure 6.4g lots, LSD (acid),
  • 90.1g of marijuana,
  • $20,011 cash,
  • used syringes,
  • a crossbow,
  • smoking pipes.

Released on bail.

May 17 search:

Mountain Creek -

  • Tick book,
  • nine cryovac bags with 3.5kg of marijuana,
  • 10.039g pure methylamphetamines in 27.5g of crystal substance in 3.4g lots (36.5% purity),
  • 12.28g powder containing 1.948g of pure cocaine (15.2% purity),
  • 140 ecstasy pills with just over 4g of pure MDMA,
  • drug paraphernalia.

Caribbean Resort unit at Mooloolaba -

  • $4446 cash,
  • 2.84g pure methylamphetamines,
  • 11pills with 0.327g of pure MDMA,
  • four tabs of LSD,
  • 18g of marijuana,
  • drug paraphernalia,
  • two mobile phones,
  • 13 stolen surfboards.

Remanded in custody but given supreme court bail on May 31.

June 18 search:

Marcoola -

  • chemical smell of clandestine laboratory,
  • evidence of explosion during methylamphetamine production in garage,
  • found glassware for production.

Kept in custody.

Price: 454 g marijuana (one pound) $900; eight-ball of methylamphetamines (3.4g) $2000.