Health Minister criticised for attending too many functions

THE Opposition has attacked Health Minister Lawrence Springborg's focus after his full diary was accidentally released revealing seven fundraising events in one month.

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk questioned what Newman Government ministers were keeping from the public after the Southern Downs MP's diary also revealed private meetings with public servants.

"This health minister is more concerned with raising money for the LNP than he is fighting Tony Abbott's GP tax ($7 co-payment)," she said.

"Why are public servants having private dinners with the minister for health?

"Charter flights to and from his electorate, once again not revealed in the diaries this government releases on a monthly basis.

"This minister needs to focus more on health and less on fundraising.

"He should be out there improving services, standing up for workers' conditions, not fundraising for the LNP."

Ms Palaszczuk said Mr Springborg's diary was never supposed to be released, saying it was contained behind an edited transcript the premier's department released Monday morning.

She said it showed the Newman Government had big business in its pocket and that it was building a "huge war chest" ahead of next year's election.

"If he is hiding these LNP fundraising dinners, what is the premier and the rest of his cabinet hiding as well?" she said.

A spokesman for Mr Springborg said the Opposition refused to release its own diaries but was now commenting about government diaries covering the week of the LNP convention.

"This government is committed to accountability in office and will continue to publish the content of minister's diaries as it relates to their areas of responsibility," he said.

Premier Campbell Newman said Mr Springborg was "extremely busy" and his diary showed that.

"I also looked at the other things he's been doing and he's got the runs on the board, he's the most effective health minister arguably the state's had in 30 or 40 years," he said.

"In contrast, as it was pointed out in Parliament last week, the Leader of the Opposition in a three month period only had nine external meetings. It's a bit rich, them having a go at him."

Ms Palaszczuk said she was not concerned about her own diary.

"I'm doing my job," she said.

The fundraisers were in Brisbane, North Queensland and Hervey Bay. - APN NEWSDESK