Medical centre fraudster's appeal bid falls flat

A HERVEY Bay fraudster has had his bid to the state's highest court for more time to consider whether he has grounds to appeal his sentence rejected.

Ronald James Richardson, 58, was sentenced to four years behind bars last year after a jury found him guilty of fraud.

His trial heard Richardson was the owner of the Fraser Shores Medical Centre at Hervey Bay before he sold it to a doctor who he had sponsored to work in Australia.

He proposed to buy it back in 2008 and put an offer of shares to potential investors.

But a jury found Richardson did not use the money he received from those investors for its intended purpose to purchase the centre.

The Queensland Court of Appeal heard that Richardson had initially appealed his conviction and applied to appeal his sentence, but at a hearing on July 30, 2013, his barrister stated he was not pursuing the sentence appeal and it was dismissed.

His subsequent appeal against his conviction was also dismissed on August 30, 2013.

Richardson, who represented himself at the latest hearing earlier this month, claimed his lawyers at last year's initial appeal did not properly obtain his instructions, but he could not provide any evidence to support the claim.

Justice Philip Morrison, in delivering the court's verdict on Friday, said Richardson had provided no evidence to substantiate the claims or provided any proof to ascertain his appeal grounds, if the extension was granted, were valid.

Richardson submitted his appeal would be based around claims he was sentenced on the wrong facts and it was therefore manifestly excessive.

"No good reason has been shown to account for the delay in bringing this application nor do the interests of justice require the grant of an extension of time," he said.

"In that respect the proposed appeal faces considerable difficulties and its prospects must be said to be poor."