Miner allegedly threatened to kill girl after molestation

A FORMER Mackay miner allegedly told a young Ipswich girl he would kill her, her mum and her family if she revealed his sexual offending against her.

The girl has described, speaking in a video police interview shown in Brisbane District Court, how he allegedly touched her inappropriately several times, made her touch his genitals and once digitally penetrated her.

Crown Prosecutor Katrina Overell said the girl was aged just nine when the man is first accused of touching her while she was forced to live with his mother in Mackay.

The girl had been living in Collingwood Park at Ipswich but the accused man rushed her mum to Mackay Base Hospital where she stayed for a month to deal with a mental health issue in 2005.

The girl, one of four children, was staying with her grandma, the accused man's mother, at Beaconsfield during her mum's hospital stay.

The family stayed in Mackay - where two more offences allegedly occurred - until early 2007 when they returned to Collingwood Park.

The girl's mother was in an on-again, off-again relationship with the man, who had been a colleague of the girl's father.

Ms Overell said the offences came to light about two years after the accused man had moved out and the girl eventually talked to Ipswich police.

"You'll hear that (the girl) was playing up a lot at home and at school and had been suspended on a number of occasions and moved high school twice," she said.

"She was confronted by her mother about her behaviour.

"She screamed at her 'why are you like this?'"

"(The girl) screamed at her 'because your stupid ex used to touch me'."

In the video shown to the court, the girl said the man was forceful with her, swore at her and made threats when she tried to make him stop by telling him she would reveal his actions to her mum.

The trial continues.