ONE YEAR ON: Queensland Premier Campbell Newman visits Bundaberg one year after the devastating 2013 floods.
ONE YEAR ON: Queensland Premier Campbell Newman visits Bundaberg one year after the devastating 2013 floods. Max Fleet

Premier Newman takes a stab at David Gibson's mental health

PREMIER Campbell Newman has played down former police minister David Gibson's allegations of death threats as coming from "a very damaged individual".

The Gympie MP told parliament a serving police officer and prominent LNP member had warned him not to question his loyalty, as he had "delivered death threats on behalf of the party".

The LNP described Mr Gibson's allegations as "baseless".

National media reported Mr Newman describing Mr Gibson as "very fragile" and "clearly a very damaged individual" who should consider taking more leave.

Mr Gibson announced his intention to quit politics after suffering a nervous breakdown following revelations he had been charged with theft while in the army, but didn't tell Mr Newman.

He had only recently returned to work after taking sick leave.

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Mr Gibson told parliament the alleged threats had been made by former Gympie police crime prevention officer Llew O'Brien, also an LNP member and former senior official, now stationed at Kilkivan.

A former campaign manager for Mr Gibson and electorate campaign director for Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss, Sgt O'Brien resigned from his role as LNP Wide Bay chair, one of the 10 regional chairs who make up the LNP's state executive and whose jobs are the party's most senior positions.

Sgt O'Brien is currently under investigation over allegations made by Mr Gibson.

He is known to be a friend of the man who brought Mr Gibson undone by releasing details of Mr Gibson's criminal past, Rainbow Beach businessman Scott Elms.

LNP state director Brad Henderson came down firmly on Sgt O'Brien's side, saying "the claims made by David Gibson are baseless.

"Mr Llew O'Brien, a member of the LNP, categorically denies saying the comments attributed to him by the Member for Gympie.

"The LNP has fully supported Mr Gibson throughout his parliamentary career, including during the difficult times he has endured in recent months.

"The party wishes him well for the future."