Sinodinos and Bowen clash on radio over political donations

CABINET Secretary Arthur Sinodinos and Labor shadow treasurer Chris Bowen clashed on radio yesterday over political donations.

During a regular segment on Radio National, Mr Bowen said Senator Sinodinos had been head of a company and New South Wales Liberal Party treasurer when the company donated to the party.

A Labor-led Senate committee that Sen Sinodinos has refused to appear before is looking into donations by the Free Enterprise Foundation to NSW Liberals.

Sen Sinodinos has maintained he was unaware of the donations and had no involvement in the matter, having ceased to act as the party's treasurer.

A second issue was Sen Sinodinos's role as chair of Australian Water Holdings - a matter under investigation by the NSW ICAC.

Sen Sinodinos hit back, asking Mr Bowen if he had read any of the evidence in the two separate issues.

He said Mr Bowen was conflating two issues in trying to paint him as being involved in a donations scandal.