TERM ONE: St Joseph's students.
TERM ONE: St Joseph's students.

A blessed start for St Joseph’s

New year

WHAT a fantastic start to the year we have had at St Joseph’s. In addition to the wonderful students and new teachers we have been blessed with rain which has certainly greened everything up.

Student leaders

WE WERE honoured to present all our student leaders to the school.

Student leadership is an experience which is highly valued by the whole school community.

There is a defined school process for the election and selection of the school captains and house captains.

All our Years 6s we define as school leaders and we acknowledge them and the commitment they will show to the St Joseph’s community during 2020.

We presented the leadership certificates to all our Year 6 students and will be presenting their leader badges at our opening school mass on February 20.

It was also our great pleasure to acknowledge our elected school captains and house captains.

At St Joseph’s we expect our school and house captains to be the models for leadership skills to inspire the whole school community, including their peers.

We hope this experience will enable school leaders to apply their leadership skills in real life contexts.

House captains

Our Mackillop House Captains for 2020 are Miki-Jai Beale and Lainey Foot.

Our Penola House Captains for 2020 are Paxton Zoutenbier and Libby Cook.

Our 202 School Captains are Willow Barwick and Corey Cavanagh.

Congratulations to all our elected Year 6 leaders!

In the words of Pope Francis “Be shepherds with the smell of your sheep, in the midst of your people like Jesus the Good Shepherd.” Jakarta, December 30, 2017.