Accounts hacked as cyber crims target Toowoomba

A TOOWOOMBA man who had $1700 hacked from his bank account at the weekend is warning people that scammers are on the prowl.

The man, who spoke with The Chronicle on the grounds of anonymity, received a phone call at his home on Friday night from someone purporting to be from Telstra and telling him he had a problem with his computer.

"I said bull**** and hung up," he said.

The caller called back and an argument ensued between the caller and home owner until he again hung up.

However, later on Friday night, he and his wife checked their bank accounts and found there had been two Western Union debits of $856 each.

The couple contacted their bank's 24-hour hotline and cancelled their bank accounts and cut up their credit cards, he said.

"Today (Monday) being a holiday we won't know until tomorrow whether we closed the accounts in time or if the money is gone," he said.

The man's wife was recovering from serious health treatment and didn't need this extra stress, he said.

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He was now urging other people to be wary of suspect telephone callers.

"Basically, if there is any gap in time before you hear them on the other end of the phone, hang up," he suggested.

"I've since heard there are scammers around and this sort of thing has been going on around town."

The Chronicle was contacted at the weekend with a caller advising he had heard of two such bank account hackers in less than 24 hours.