Tony Abbott wants to see Clive Palmer ‘extinct’

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has given the LNP candidate for Fairfax orders to "ensure a certain dinosaur does become extinct".

They were Mr Abbott's first words during a speech to the Queensland party faithful at the LNP state convention in Brisbane yesterday.

Those in attendance were left in little doubt who the Prime Minister was referring to when he made the remarks after being introduced by the Sunshine Coast seat candidate, Ted O'Brien.

Fairfax MP Clive Palmer - whose dinosaur theme resort recently lost its model tyrannosaurus rex, Jeff, to a fire - told APN he was far from offended by the comment.

"It's a compliment from Tony," he said.

"He probably realises I'm the most important factor in the next election."

But Mr Palmer did offer a warning.

"He better be careful what he says about dinosaurs - they might come back to bite him," he said.

Mr Palmer said he was confident of his chances against businessman Mr O'Brien, who he beat in 2013, at the next election.

Mr Abbott also had a barb for Queensland's new Labor government, but he said little about the LNP government's election loss earlier this year, only remarking it was very disappointing.

"The longer the Palaszczuk government lasts, the better the Newman government will look," he said.

The Glasshouse LNP branch's motion that motorists using mobiles without hands-free equipment should have their phones confiscated until a fine was paid was set to be debated yesterday, but was instead withdrawn.

The LNP was unable to tell APN Newsdesk why the motion was dropped.