South Mackay's Arey Kovalskis is looking for work. Picture: Supplied
South Mackay's Arey Kovalskis is looking for work. Picture: Supplied

‘Absolutely gutted’: Reality of being unemployed in Mackay

SOUTH Mackay’s Arey Kovalskis was left “absolutely gutted” after being made redundant on Monday.

After 25 years working as a mining plant operator, Mr Kovalskis is among the thousands of people across the country looking for work amid the coronavirus crisis.

To secure work back in the field, he is doing everything he can to boost his employability.

“It is not the ideal time to be looking for work,” Mr Kovalskis said.

“My resume is three years out of date. I’m going through SEEK, Facebook jobs pages and calling old contacts – whatever I can do basically.”

He also reached out to Resume Genie founder Sally Howard to help with the process.

The locally owned and operated company offers resume and cover letter writing services and interview advice.

Ms Howard said her business had dramatically dropped off due to COVID-19.

“I have completed a few freebies to help a number of people out,” she said.

“I have had a lot of conversations with people who have really been thrown by the pandemic and are now considering making some huge changes in their lives professionally, so that if this ever happens again they are not negatively impacted.”

Ms Howard said jobseekers hoping to get their foot in the door should have a brief and well-written resume.

“Your resume needs to show your prospective employer on the very first page that you are the candidate for them,” she said.

“Recruiters and HR staff don’t just look at your skills and experience. You will be judged on your appearance, how you communicate, if you turn up late or on time and your attitude.”

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