Frontline Action on Coal protester Scott Daines. Picture: Supplied
Frontline Action on Coal protester Scott Daines. Picture: Supplied

Adani reaches dispute settlement with anti-coal protester

An anti-coal protester has been awarded $2000 after a dispute settlement was reached with Adani.

In a statement, the Frontline Action on Coal group said one of their members, Scott Daines, had fought and won a “defamation dispute” with Adani.

“Mr. Daines has been awarded $2000 in damages and Adani has publicly apologised for making false claims about him on their Facebook page,” the statement said.

“Adani falsely alleged that Scott Daines and other peaceful activists from Frontline Action on Coal threw rocks at Adani workers’ cars and kicked car doors during a protest in October.”

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An Adani spokeswoman confirmed the Indian miner had made a social media post about Mr Daines.

“The allegations made in that post were incorrect, and having been made aware of its error Adani has removed the post and published an apology to Mr Daines,” the spokeswoman said.

FLAC said Mr Daines issued Adani a formal concerns notice under Queensland’s Defamation Act.

He had sought a retraction of Adani’s social media post and a public apology.

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