Alleged drug offenders slapped with 30+ charges

TWO Emerald residents have been charged with a range of alleged dangerous drug offences including more than 30 supply charges following the closure of Operation Taurus.

Rockhampton CIB Detective Inspector Darrin Shadlow said the operation ran from September until November 29, targeting the “party drug scene in the Central Highlands”.

As a result of the operation, a 21-year-old man has been charged with one count of drug trafficking, more than 30 supply charges and possession and production of dangerous drugs.

A 21-year-old female has also been charged with drug supply and possession.

The drugs seized were LSD, MDMA and cannabis along with a couple of thousand of dollars in cash.

“Any amount of drugs seized to us is a valuable contribution to the community, the community at large doesn’t want these drugs in their communities, especially smaller communities like Emerald and the Central Highlands,” Det Insp Shadlow said.

“I just implore people, things like LSD, MDMA... you don’t know what’s in the drug, don’t put it in your body.”

The drugs were allegedly trafficked to the area from the south and investigations are ongoing as to where they are coming from.

The operation was undertaken by Emerald and Rockhampton investigators, focusing on drugs in the pub and social scenes.

“We look at not just one person in relation to the investigation but we look at their possession, supplying and trafficking of those dangerous drugs,” Det Insp Shadlow said.

“We will continue to target not just the party drugs but every illicit dangerous drugs in the community.”