Rayden, in the blue shirt, has been horrifically bullied because he has special needs.
Rayden, in the blue shirt, has been horrifically bullied because he has special needs.

Amazing response to disgusting bullying

WARNING: Distressing content

MMA star Justin Wren beats people up for a living but he doesn't like it when the fight isn't fair.

That's why he decided to step in and offer his assistance to 12-year-old Rayden after footage of the young fella being bashed and bullied in the US went viral.

The shocking clips, which have been viewed millions of times, show him being punched and kicked by multiple kids, unable to defend himself.

Rayden suffers from autism, is diabetic and wears a hearing aid because he's deaf in one ear. That has made him a target for bullies and after the latest incidents he reportedly wrote suicidal messages on his arm.

But some good has emerged from the horrible scenes that have spread across the internet.

Rayden's treatment has brought bullying into the national spotlight, the hashtag #StandWithRayden has been trending on social media and the sporting community has reached out to help.

Heavyweight fighter Wren, whose last three bouts have been wins in the Bellator promotion, contacted Rayden's family after being made aware of his situation and has drummed up support for the school student, as well as introduced him to a hyperbaric treatment centre to help him recover from his injuries, TMZ Sports reports.

"Been with Rayden over 20 days now. Taking him to hyperbaric oxygen therapy because he was diagnosed with a concussion," Wren said.

"We are organising something to help him and his family with medical bills and maybe something else really amazing!"

Bellator's middleweight title holder Rafael Lovato Jr also met up with Rayden and let him try on his championship belt, while WWE great Mick Foley sent Rayden a message via Instagram.

"I am standing with you," Foley said. "If there is anything I can do to help you and make your day a little better, I sure will.

"I am the father of a child on the autism spectrum, so you are a part of my extended family. I'll do anything in my power to help you."

The shameful bullying of Rayden prompted several members of the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL franchise to share anti-bullying messages on social media today.

Rayden's parents have spoken out about the disgusting bullying of their son, saying it's completely unacceptable.

"It's gotta stop, no matter what. Whether it's my son, somebody else's son or daughter … it's gotta stop," Rayden's father Danny Overbay said.

"Our son is a high-functioning special needs child … just because we don't label him as a special-needs child, doesn't mean that he's not.

"Because a couple of people or a few people decided to record it on video because they thought it was funny … is the only reason I am sitting in front of you today. Some of those kids claim to be my son's friend, and that's hard as a dad."





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