Member for Dawson George Christensen in the House of Representatives at Parliament House in Canberra.
Member for Dawson George Christensen in the House of Representatives at Parliament House in Canberra. MICK TSIKAS

'Anyone shackled by rabid political correctness turn off now'

WARNING "anyone shackled by rabid political correctness" to "turn off right now", Member for Dawson George Christensen has made a lengthy tirade against Islam in the House of Representatives.

Taking to the floor on Thursday, Mr Christensen said "it's time as a country we had a straightforward conversation about national security."

Arguably, his speech was less than straightforward, labelling "many immigrants entering this country in recent years" as not sharing Australian values.

"I am concerned about the rise of Islamism in this country and those who are willing to commit violence in the name of that ideology," he said.

"And I think we should consider some tighter controls on borders, such as restricting immigration from countries where there is a high prevalence of violent extremism and radicalism.

"Their (immigrants) views are widespread in the countries from which they come and we must ask if they are diametrically opposed to the values that helped shape our nation and underpin our society and our culture, why did they choose to come to Australia in the first place?"

Mr Christensen said the alternative of the "straightforward conversation" would be to "allow free reign to those who do discuss our national security and discuss it in terms of violence, random killings, beheadings and acts of terrorism".

"If we fail to realise that some of the people who do follow that path despise our nation, despise our people and despise our way of life, and wish to do us harm, then we, as a nation, will fail and the consequences will be catastrophic," he said.

Mr Christensen also claimed there had been a long-term push by Islamic elements in Australia to introduce sharia law to the country.

"We must also have the intestinal fortitude to not only insist on the rule of Australian law but to specifically rule out the possibility of any other law applying in this country. And I particularly name sharia law," he said.

"There have been repeated calls for the introduction of sharia law into Australia for a number of years now."

The speech was certainly not the first time Mr Christensen has taken aim against Islamic immigrants and Muslim "ideology".

Members of Australia's Islamic community, sections of the media and various politicians have criticised Mr Christensen in the past over his divisive commentary regarding Islam.

However, his views evidently muster some degree of support in his own electorate, as he retained the seat of Dawson at the last election.