Peter Broelman's work appears in APN newspapers.
Peter Broelman's work appears in APN newspapers.

APN cartoonist in running for Cartoonist of the Year

FOR witty one-liners, sage commentary and a belly-full of laughs, you can't go past cartoons.

And its often been said that Australian cartoonists are the best in the world and they'll be proving it in Coffs Harbour this Saturday, October 26, at the annual Stanley Awards.

The "Stanleys", once described as "the Oscars for Australian cartooning", are now in their 29th year and are presented in six categories, including the Gold Stanley for Cartoonist of the Year.

The awards are named after Stan Cross, who drew what has been acknowledged as Australia's funniest cartoon, "For Gorsake Stop Laughing, This is Serious".

The awards themselves are modeled on the characters in his cartoon.

The six finalists for the Gold Stanley for Cartoonist of the Year are:

Peter Broelman - National political cartoonist (South Australia), whose cartoons appear in APN newspapers.

Pat Campbell - The Canberra Times (ACT)

Anton Emdin - MAD magazine contributor (NSW)

Glen Le Lievre - The Age and SMH contributor (NSW)

David Pope - The Canberra Times (ACT), and

David Rowe - The Financial Review (NSW)

Six bronze Stanley Awards will also be announced on the night; Caricaturist, Comic Strip Artist, Comic Book Artist, Editorial/Political Cartoonist, Illustrator and Single Gag Cartoonist.

The Jim Russell Award will also be presented for outstanding contribution to Australian cartooning.

Held at the Novotel Coffs Harbour, the awards are a part of a big weekend for cartoonists and includes a cartoon conference, the 25th Rotary Cartoon Awards, and a visit by one of the usual gang of idiots at MAD magazine, American caricaturist Tom Richmond.