Emerald go kart track funding builds up


KARTING has never truly been in the spotlight for the Central Highlands, let alone the rest of Australia but the Emerald Go Karting Club looks set to change that in the future.

Plans have been pending for a long while for the construction of a go karting track in Emerald. The plan seems to be coming along well thanks to the club's president Geoff Dein.

It seems interest in karting within the region has been completely underestimated.

Dein has been raising funds to get the track built and operational and in a heroic effort, managed to secure $85,000 with just a couple of phone calls.

"What's sort of been highlighted to me is the lack of enthusiasm among the media for motorsports," said Geoff Dein.

"Motorsports in Australia generally receives very poor support.

Even tee-ball gets better coverage.

"We've got rugby league and golf all over the radio but you never hear about anything else.

When you can raise $85,000 in two-and-a-half hours with some simple phone calls it's got to tell you something doesn't it?

"You couldn't even do that with rugby league.

"This is the hottest club coming through the area and yet it's not even a blip on the radar (for council plans).

"The council goes on about quality of life and so we should do what we can to attract people into the area," he said.