"But we sang them Happy Birthday!"

Block couple Norm and Jess rocked by deportation horror

A DRAMATIC arrest rocked the contestants on last night's episode of The Block, with two of the site's tradies carted off in handcuffs by police.

For contestants Norm and Jess, the arrests were a shock conclusion to a mystery that started way back in week two of the show.

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Back then, the couple were hauled into a meeting with a representative from Suncorp bank about their haphazard finances for their apartment reno - including some very suspect spending on their Block-issued credit cards.

Among them, a $94 spend at Charcoal Chicken, leading to televised humiliation for the pair as they insisted they hadn't been frittering away Block money on fried chicken. Both insisted their card must have been swiped.


Police lead the alleged offenders away.
Police lead the alleged offenders away.

Weeks later, the alleged thieves have finally been identified - and they are two of the labourers working with The Block teams to renovate St Kilda's Gatwick Hotel.

Jess was stunned as she watched them be led away by police: "I sung Happy Birthday to them! I've given them food and drinks!"

"They stole our credit card from inside our apartment, and still smiled at us for the last few weeks. I CANNOT believe it," she fumes.


"But we sang them Happy Birthday!"

"For them to look at you in the eye every single day and be like 'Hello!', and they've bloody stolen off ya. That's insane. They looked sad though, in the handcuffs."

The police took them to South Melbourne police station for interviewing.

Scott Cam gives a postscript to Law & Order: Gatwick - one was convicted of theft and credit card fraud and deported. The other was released, and Suncorp refunded all of Norm and Jess's missing money.

Add to that a $5000 bonus Suncorp awarded the couple during tonight's episode, reward for changing their lax practices and keeping on top of their bills.

And they'll need it - there are still two more rooms to renovate. Check out last Sunday's hallway, laundry and powder room reveals here.

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