Aussie dies in Bali after COVID-19 diagnosis



An Australian architect has died in Bali, three weeks after contracting COVID-19.

Paul Koodravsev, 62, and originally from Perth, is the second Australian to die in Bali as a result of the killer virus.

The long-term expat was a highly successful architect who designed some of Bali's most stylish and minimalist villas.

The Sanur community - a laid back town on the eastern beaches of the island where he lived - is reeling from the loss of the much-loved Aussie.

According to Mr Ketut Suarjaya, the head of Bali Health Services, Mr Koodravsev tested positive for COVID-19 on July 25 and was subsequently admitted to the Udayana University Hospital, which has a dedicated COVID ward, on July 31 and tested positive again.

"The cause of death was due to multi-organ failure. He was hospitalised with a positive confirmation of COVID, but also had many comorbidities. Before he died, he had recovered from Covid. A third swab at the Udayana University hospital on August 10, was negative. He was hospitalised for 18 days and died on August 16," Mr Suarjaya said.

Mr Koodravsev, an avid tennis player and skier, was a fixture among Sanur's wealthy European set. He was married to a Swiss woman, however they separated last year and she returned to Switzerland.

In June the first Australian to succumb to the virus in Bali was David Sparenburg, 53, who died in a Munggu guest house near the tourist hotspot of Canggu after suffering breathing difficulties.

After appearing to be resistant in the early days of the pandemic, Bali recently caught up to the rest of the world with infection rates, particularly after migrant workers returned home from working in the cruise ship industry.

COVID-19 cases in Bali reached 4,110 this week with 49 deaths - 12 of which were foreigners.

Throughout Indonesia the number of positive cases is 141,370 people with 6,207 deaths.

Originally published as Aussie dies in Bali after COVID-19 diagnosis