Barbara Eden will appear at Supanova 2013.
Barbara Eden will appear at Supanova 2013. Michael Caulfield - Getty Images. Contributed by Lionel Midford Publicity

Barbara Eden would love to discuss 'Jeannie' at Supanova

MORE THAN 40 years since she played a genie in a bottle, Barbara Eden still loves talking about I Dream of Jeannie.

Eden starred as the pink-wearing, midriff-bearing blonde for five years opposite Larry Hagman, whom she would later star with in '90s TV soap Dallas.

Eden will make her second Supanova appearance on the Gold Coast later this month after attending the Sydney pop culture expo two years ago.

"I get asked about a range of things, but mostly it's Jeannie," she said.

"It's still on the air and that's what people want to hear about.

"I love it. She's very easy to live with. I like talking about her."

But there are a few questions that do get a bit tiresome.

"The two questions I probably get asked the most are how do I get in and out of the bottle and do I really have a belly button," she said.

"I don't show them (laughs)."

Eden has been coming to Australia since travelling down under with Bob Hope for his 1978 TV special.

During her first visit to Queensland she's hoping to check out some local wildlife and one of the water parks.

The 78-year-old is still active in theatre and television, and has her eye on a guest role in one particular show.

"I'd love to be on Modern Family as one of the grandmas," she said.

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo plays the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre April 19-21.