Baby giraffe welcomed at Australia Zoo

Beautiful baby giraffe born at Australia Zoo

GIVING birth is no easy task at the best of times, so spare a thought for new mum Sally who was blessed with a 50kg bub.

The new addition is Australia Zoo's second giraffe calf born at the Sunshine Coast facility.

The zoo announced the birth on Monday, giving the recovering Sally a few days to recover after her Thursday delivery.

Australia Zoo curator Kelsey Engle said both mum and the new daughter are in good health and spirits.

"The calf is just under 2m in height, would weigh approximately 50kg and is doing extremely well," Ms Engle said.

"She made her first attempts at walking around half an hour after being born, and it only took around another 30 minutes for the youngster to full master those long gangly legs.

"We're really happy with the progress -- everything is looking good so far."

Sally has been carrying the newborn for about 15 months.

Staff examining the expecting mother even copped a kick from the unborn calf.

"Although seeming a little surprised to see the baby at the end of the labour, Sally did an amazing job as her motherly instincts kicked in.

"She was extremely attentive, licking and cleaning the baby immediately."