BEST MATES: Chicken kebab lover Bundy and a canine friend.
BEST MATES: Chicken kebab lover Bundy and a canine friend. Contributed

Beloved dog's sticky situation

"ONCE-in-a-lifetime" dog Bundy has had a once-in-a- lifetime lucky escape after devouring 18 freshly barbecued honey-soy chicken kebabs - wooden skewers and all.

Eight-year-old Bundy's owner and best friend Angela Taylor of Blackwater said her partner Nik had left the marinated and cooked skewers on the barbecue hotplate while he came inside to eat his own dinner.

"It nearly broke up my relationship!" Angela said this week, reflecting on the near-fatal feast and Bundy's life-saving surgery on January 14.

She said her beloved bulldog greyhound, whom she has owned since he was four months old, spent the first five years of his life as a hunting dog.

"I was a station hand for years and then I started contracting for myself - he would come to work with me every day - he'd come fencing and shooting.

"That's why we're so close - we spent every day of our lives together."

But, a few weeks ago, Bundy and his smaller canine friend, Bailey, caught a whiff of the succulent skewers.

"They were going bad, so I had said to Nik to cook them on the barbecue so we could give them to the dogs."

Angela said, however, the plan was to take the chicken off the skewers before feeding them to the animals.

"When we went out, the whole barbecue hotplate was clean. You wouldn't have even known there was a skewer there.

"He ate the sticks and all. There was not a scratch of evidence left."

Angela, a qualified veterinary nurse, said that after Bundy's Saturday evening blow-out, he went to sleep in his bed "like nothing had happened".

"The vet nurse in me was thinking that if he's chewed them up he'd be fine. I didn't want to him to get surgery if it wasn't needed."

Angela kept an eye on Bundy but on Monday he threw up, regurgitating a few pieces of skewer sticks.

She said his stomach had become hard and he was obviously in pain, so she rushed him to Maraboon Veterinary Surgery.

Angela said an ultrasound revealed hidden pockets of gas.

"He was then rushed straight in to emergency surgery and I was told to pray for the best."

Bundy's stomach was chopped open and four whole skewers were revealed.

"We were gobsmacked at that. They had to flush his whole bowel out. If I'd not taken him in when I did they would have perforated a bowel or his stomach."

Bundy is now "fine" although 10 days later he did seize the opportunity to take a sausage from the table.