Beware email scam warning of future terrorist attacks

AUSTRALIA'S communications watchdog has warned of an email scam that claims to reveal plans about future terrorist attacks in Sydney.

The fake emails carry the subject line "ISIS attacks in Sydney" and carry attachments that look similar to a Word document.

Australian Communications and Media Authority manager of internet security programs Bruce Matthews told ABC Online on Wednesday the emails contained a malicious attachment.

He said if the user opened the attachment it could allow hackers to control the user's computer.

"ACMA has received a number of emails reported by members of the public that purport to contain information about ISIS attacks in Sydney or in Australia in 2015," Mr Matthews said.

"These emails contain an attachment that, if opened, could potentially download malicious software onto your computing device, enabling that device to be controlled remotely by cyber-criminals."

Mr Matthews said the source of the emails was not known, but people who received them should delete them immediately and not open any attachments.