Big bucks-earning public servant numbers jump again


THE Palaszczuk government has added an extra 3,900 public servants to its books in just one year as the number of bureaucrats earning over $120,000 a year continues to climb.

The latest public service commission report unveiled today reveals there were 232,553 full time equivalent positions as of March, 2020 - up from the 228,632 recorded the previous year.

Treasurer Cameron Dick defended the figures, saying they needed to keep funding frontline services, and that the 1.7 per cent growth in the year to March was in line with population growth.

As of March, about 29,000 public servants were earning at least $120,000 a year, including about 3,324 on a salary of $180,000 and above.

In the six months to March, there were an extra 4,000 public servants on salaries of $120,000 plus - an increase of about 16 per cent.

The vast majority of jobs included in the salary bracket were in the health and education sectors and includes roles like nursing directors, medical staff, principals, senior police officers, legal professionals and general managers.

Two thirds of the public sector workforce was earning up to $100,000 per year.

The latest Queensland Public Sector workforce profile - the first one to be released since last year - shows 19,888 positions were classed as "corporate services" in March.

Over 91 per cent of positions were considered frontline or frontline support roles, with about 165,000 roles in all services in the health and education departments.


Originally published as Big bucks-earning public servant numbers jump again