EMERGENCY services were called out to deal with a suspicious package at an adult shop in Toowoomba on Thursday night.

Tensions were high when emergency services arrived at Love Heart Adult Shop on James St about 7.30pm.

Two young women inside the store had noticed a suspicious package and notified emergency services.

They had opened an envelope expecting to find an invoice but something fell out - alarming the women. 

But any fears were soon allayed when emergency services found out what was inside the package.

Instead of finding anything nefarious, firefighters only found cat litter.

QFES station officer Neil Goodwin said the woman who opened the envelope was quite distressed.

"She did the right thing, she isolated the package and called Triple Zero.

"We isolated the zone and... after we took a sample and removed it from the hot zone... it was identified as kitty litter.

"It's very fortunate that it was a non-dangerous product.

"The store has been a victim of an unwanted prank."

Station officer Goodwin praised the actions of the woman for calling emergency services.