ATHLETE: Quinton Gill and his chosen charity.
ATHLETE: Quinton Gill and his chosen charity.

Blackwater PE teacher runs 113km for charity

A BLACKWATER PE teacher raised $2500 for a charity by attempting to run for an entire day.

Quinton Gill from Blackwater North State School ran an 8km loop of Blackwater 14 times, giving money residents had pledged by the kilometre to Foodbank Queensland.

He said the physical challenge was a personal goal, but that the bushfires and coronavirus prompted him to turn it into a fundraiser.

“It’s been a while now that I’ve been trying to do a challenge to run 24 hours,” Mr Gill said.

“I wanted to see how many kilometres I could put behind me.

“It was a personal challenge and I figured we may as well hop onto something to help out.

“Some people offered 10 cents a kilometre, some people did $2. It was awesome because I only advertised it for about three days before.”

Mr Gill and fellow Blackwater runners.
Mr Gill and fellow Blackwater runners.

Mr Gill began running at 11pm last Thursday night, leaving food and water at his house.

Every lap he would stop for a drink or a re-fuel before setting off again.

He said the dark of the early morning made his running “a little wonky”, but it improved when the sun rose and others joined in his jog.

Mr Gill kept moving for 13 hours before a foot injury held him back.

“I ended up getting injured about 13 hours in,” he said. “My body felt fine, knees felt fine, hips felt fine. But it got to the point where it was becoming dangerous to my health to keep moving.”

“I got to 113km and had to call it quits.”

He said the experience taught him what to expect next time he attempts the challenge.

In 2018, Mr Gill nearly broke the Guinness World Record for the most chest-to-ground burpees in one hour.