Body on Mission Bay Beach. Photo / Daniel Hines
Body on Mission Bay Beach. Photo / Daniel Hines

Body, believed to have washed up, found on New Zealand beach

A NUMBER of police and forensic staff are examining the scene at the beach in Mission Bay the area where the body was found is almost directly opposite the fountain.

The scene has been blocked from public sight with blue tarpaulin, and the area cordoned off with white police tape.

It is believed the body washed up on the beach, but that had yet to be officially confirmed.

One local woman said she saw the body lying on the beach as she walked her dog at 6.30am.

"It was surreal, but sad," she said as the backdrop to the scene was so beautiful.

"It looked like someone sleeping on the beach. And then I realised."

Police were with the body at that stage, she said, but it had not yet been covered up. A park warden was also there, and she believed he may have been the person to discover the body.

Auckland City Police confirmed it was the body of a man and believed it had washed up. They are making inquiries to identify the man and to locate next of kin. It's intended that a post-mortem examination of the body will be carried out later today.